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Below you'll find a variety of solutions designed to help you learn how to use Canva more quickly, confidently and effectively as a small business owner.



Learn to more confidently use Canva to promote your weekly content for your online course or your creative business.

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This course shows you step-by-step how to get the most out of Canva, whether you're a novice or a regular user.

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Rave Reviews

“Before Brenda’s course I avoided Canva like the plague. Making graphics for my podcast was such a PITA and everything I made never seemed like it reflected our aesthetic. Now I zoom through making graphics and don’t curse Canva’s name every week. Thank you Brenda! Such a game changer.”

Christina Torres

“This course will pay for itself and then some. As a solo-entrepreneur, Canva has been a go-to tool for me. But I was missing so much of its capabilities being self-taught! Thanks to Brenda’s course, I can create BETTER images AND save a TON of time (which means I’ll be able to work on projects that make me money!). Thanks Brenda! You’re the best!”

Theresa Herring

“I’ve been using the free version of Canva for creating workbook covers and workshop flipcharts, so had a little bit of knowledge. It was fantastic to learn about grids, audiogram visuals and resizing. Your step by step approach was easy to understand and follow - in fact, I watched your video on my phone while working on Canva on my laptop. Thanks again!”

Michelle Dalley

“This is so, so helpful - thank you! I've been faffing around on Canva for a couple of years but I had some 'Ohhhhh' moments watching your training (keyboard arrows to make minor adjustments, grouping elements) that will save me a lot of time and frustration in the future.”

Deborah Brazendale

“Love this! I’ve been using Canva for years and you’ve got things I didn’t know plus I just love your clean and fresh lead magnet design. I’ve been dreading this part and now you’ve made it fun. Thank you!”

Christa Hardin

“I have been using Canva for several years, but you just taught me several things I was not aware of!”

Joette Meyers Giardina


How to Use Canva For Your Weekly Content